Nothing could be simpler. I'll post four screen shots from movies each week, and you guess the movies. If you have no idea, feel free to enter funny answers OR submit funnies with the actual movie name.

Deadlines For Funnies: Wednesday 8:00 PM ET. For Answers: Saturday, 9:30 PM ET.

Here are some more ground rules and clarifications:

1. One guess per shot at a time. (For now, guess all the funnies you want).

2. You can change your guess with subsequent entries . The last entry for the week will count as the final one.

3. The answer with the most correct guesses is worth one point. Second most, two points. Third most, three points. Least most, four points. In case of a tie, the higher point-value goes to the older movie (as per IMDB's Release Dates).

4. The degree system is the order of the day.

One correct answer = Associate
Two correct answers = Bachelor
Three correct answers = Master
Four correct answers = PhD

5. Each funny answer will be given one 'comedy point'. Funnies for the week will be published on the main page anytime after the Funny deadline and before the results are up on the following Sunday.

6. All points (in both film scholar and class clown catagories) will be collated. For now, every six months (January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31), a Grand Film Scholar and a Class Clown will be crowned. Each winner will be offered the chance to guest-host a week.

(Obviously, guest-hosting will put the winners at a one-week disadvantage to repeat as champs. No way around it. But hey, it should be harder to repeat. As it goes with the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup, so also it should go with the Screen Shot Quiz.)
If a participant ends up winning both categories, the runner-up for the Scholar's crown will be given the opportunity to guest host.

Cheating (sharing answers, creating multiple email addresses for multiple entries, etc.) is pretty easy, obviously. I'm making no attempt to stop it other than to say: It's a silly online quiz. Don't be a goober.