Nothing could be simpler. I'll post four screen shots from movies every Sunday, and you guess the movies. If you have no idea, feel free to enter funny answers OR submit funnies with the actual movie name. Just enter your guesses and hit Submit Responses below.
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Quiz 15 (4/13/2014)

Shot A

Top Funnies

Skull For Scoundrels (Captain Video)

Revenge for Jolly Roger! (Steve J)

A More Perfect Union Jack (Captain Video)

Flags of our Fathersí Skulls (Steve J)

Shot B

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Smokeaway Jury (Steve J)

Just My Lucky Strike (Steve J)

The Unbearable Light-Up of Ben (Steve J)

F. Lee Bailey and the Marlboro Man (Steve J)

Shot C

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Blood Reach (Michael Wolff)

Death on the Tile (Steve J)

Red Drop Gorgeous (Captain Video)

Marble Attacks! (Steve J)

Shot D

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Room With the Flu (Captain Video)

Housecall Party (Steve J)

The Great White Hypochondriac (Steve J)

The Aaaahhhh Couple (Steve J)