Nothing could be simpler. I'll post four screen shots from movies every Sunday, and you guess the movies. If you have no idea, feel free to enter funny answers OR submit funnies with the actual movie name. Just enter your guesses and hit Submit Responses below.
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Deadlines For Funnies: Wednesday 8:00 PM ET. For Answers: Saturday, 9:30 PM ET.

Quiz 17 (10/26/2014)

Shot A

Top Funnies

My Muddy Valentine (Steve J)

The Stains Came (Captain Video)

A Dry Clean Season (Captain Video)

The Man In the Grey Flannel Mess (Captain Video)

Shot B

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All Hands On Neck (Captain Video)

Glowing Pains (Steve J)

The Slice Harvest (Captain Video)

Bright Lights, Big Slit (Steve J)

Shot C

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Day of the Wed (Captain Video)

The Maiden Hoist (Captain Video)

The Big Fixer-Upper (Steve J)

"Somewhere, Over the Threshold" (Captain Video)

Shot D

Top Funnies

Wrestling Earnest Anyway (Steve J)

No Choke Holds Barred (Captain Video)

Harold & Kumar Go to Fight íní Wrassle (Steve J)

I Will Fight Club No More Forever (Captain Video)