Nothing could be simpler. I'll post four screen shots from movies every Sunday, and you guess the movies. If you have no idea, feel free to enter funny answers OR submit funnies with the actual movie name. Just enter your guesses and hit Submit Responses below.
You can click on the shots to see bigger versions. If you encounter any issues, please contact me at: gmen at filmshotquiz dot com.

Deadlines For Funnies: Wednesday 8:00 PM ET. For Answers: Saturday, 9:30 PM ET.

Quiz 8 (8/24/2014)

Shot A

Top Funnies

The Prying Game (Captain Video)

Pint Break (Steve J)

Lager at First Bite (Steve J)

The Moment of Tooth (Captain Video)

Shot B

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And the Banjo Played On (Steve J)

In Cold Flood (Captain Video)

20,000 Tins Under the Sea (Steve J)

Pretty Pomades All in a Row (Steve J)

Shot C

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The Victoria's Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Captain Video)

A Very Thong Engagement (Captain Video)

The Nanny-Cam Diaries (Steve J)

Good Nightie and Good Luck (Captain Video)

Shot D

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Gleaming the Cubist (Captain Video)

Through a Glass Starkly (Captain Video)

O Brother, Art Thou Art? (Steve J)

The Magnification 7X (Steve J)